TNOYS is a network of members working toward a shared vision of Texas where all young people are valued, their strengths are recognized, and they have access to the resources, support, and opportunities they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Our mission is to improve, support, and protect critical services for youth and families in crisis so that they can meet their potential.

Our work is guided by a comprehensive systems change approach:

Policy: We advocate for public policies and priorities that benefit young people in at-risk situations.

Practice: Our professional development and program support services ensure that those on the front lines are fully equipped to meet the complex needs of the youth and families they serve.

Participation: We challenge negative perceptions of young people by working in partnership with youth and demonstrating what they are capable of.

Our network has a rich history, and we have been working to improve, support, and protect youth services in Texas for more than thirty years.

In 1979, at a time when the nation was making significant policy changes regarding young people in crisis, a small but enthusiastic group of youth serving agencies in Texas began meeting together to exchange information and share resources.  These agencies viewed themselves as “community-based alternative youth services” – alternatives to incarceration, to other public agency intervention, and to more traditional and entrenched approaches. They discovered the benefits of networking on behalf of young people and in 1980 they formalized their relationship by incorporating the Texas Network of Youth Services. Since its founding, TNOYS has remained true to its mission, working relentlessly to support and strengthen the organizations that work for and with youth to ensure their success.