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The following benefits apply to member agencies. Join by downloading a TNOYS Agency Member Application to take advantage of these great services.


  • TNOYS Advocates for Its Members— TNOYS expends private, unobligated funds (including dues, contributions, and any fee revenues above expenses) to assure YOUR VOICE is heard by legislators and policy makers.
  • The united voice gained when member organizations combine their resources, is among the most important purposes of a membership association
  • Bill tracking with notice of hearings or other actions needed on state legislation or policy
  • TNOYS staff and member representatives serve on advocacy and policy committees
  • Expert testimony on behalf of members concerning services needed by runaway or at-risk youth and their families, emergency shelter concerns, funding needs, among many others
  • Collaboration with other advocacy organizations, such as our collaboration to survey PEI contractors this year, strengthens our voice in Austin and even at the federal level, for improved youth services


  • Expert Support— Member agencies are eligible for limited technical assistance and program support provided via email or telephone at no charge
  • The Latest Information— Member agencies are eligible to receive a variety of informational resources
    • TNOYS Today Newsletter, which promotes TNOYS and its member agencies with potential funders, supporters
    • TEX-NET NEWS Online Newsletter for Members ONLY
    • Periodic E-Bulletins containing funding notices and other resources
    • Training announcements for TNOYS’ XL Institute offerings in your area
    • Resource Loan Library exceeding 900 items
  • Leadership Development— TNOYS provides trainer and other leadership opportunities for Peer Consultants, promoting and supporting emerging leaders within the network. Valued at $100 per hour.
  • Staff Recruitment— Membership Job posting service on TNOYS Website (Nonmembers pay $50 per month)
  • Regular Policy Briefs— Members will receive up-to-date information concerning legislative and policy initiatives of concern to youth agencies and Action Alerts when concerted action is needed


  • Fee Reductions— Member agencies are eligible to receive substantial discounts on registration fees
  • 18% reduced registration fees & additional discounts for volume registrations to the TNOYS Annual Youthworker Conference drawing over 500 participants (Nonmembers pay $ 265+; Members $215+)
  • 20% reduced rate registration fees to PEAKS Camps, offering experiential learning for staff and youth participants and training in leisure time programming. Members also receive 1 free registration valued at $250 with 1 paid registration (limit 1). (Nonmembers pay $ 300; Members $250)
  • 25% reduced registration fees at TNOYS’ XL Institute educational seminars (Members pay generally $45 per half day course; Non-members pay $60.)
  • 33% reduced daily rate on-site agency training and technical assistance (Nonmembers pay $750/day; Members $500)
  • 10% Reduced rate T&TA packages, e.g., Nonmember package for $3,500; vs. Member package for $3,150
  • 33% Reduced rate grant writing TA and proposal review (Nonmembers pay $75/hour; Members $50/hour)
  • 33% Reduced rate for RHY Program Grant Writing Guides (Nonmembers pay $30; Members $20)
  • Special Grant Funded Projects— Members benefit from special grant-funded projects; value varies depending on projects funded at any given time. (e.g., Federal Domestic Violence grant offered 3 TNOYS members mini-grants of $5,000 per year for 2 years)
    • TNOYS Responds to YOUR Needs—
    • Regional Representatives on the Board of Directors speak for members in their part of the state as they direct the actions of the network.
    • Members are welcome to attend regular meetings of the Board and/or participate on committees.
    • Training surveys, data surveys, and other requests for input give members a chance to guide our search for resources and plan of action.
    • The office, supported by full time staff, is just a phone call away. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


    Benefits of belonging to a trade association or an advocacy association (TNOYS is both), while many, are difficult to translate into dollars, as they include valuable intangibles. For member agencies that utilize most of the services described above, the tangible discounts and other benefits add up quickly, to $75,000 plus. Please join NOW. The importance of combining and leveraging our resources together is more important now than ever!


    Please remit your membership fee, payable to the Texas Network of Youth Services, along with this application and brochures or other informational materials that include your agency’s Mission Statement to:

    Texas Network of Youth Services

    2525 Wallingwood Drive, Suite 1503

    Austin, TX 78746-6923