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Community-wide support is vital to a successful count. Engaging youth service providers, youth, schools, and volunteers will help to raise awareness of your magnet event, reach youth who are homeless, and provide the manpower necessary to do a thorough count in your community. The resources below outline partnerships that may be beneficial to the planning and implementation of your count, tips for engaging youth people, and resources on communications planning.


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Youth Count Texas! Fact Sheet: A one-pager with the who, what, when, where, why and how of the Youth Count Texas! project. This can help staff, partners, volunteers, and community stakeholders understand the big picture initiative.


resource paper buttonOnline Communications Toolkit : A toolkit that provides different content (images, videos, and example social media posts) to help you spread the word online about your youth count.


resource paper buttonDeveloping Partnerships: A resource with suggestions for community stakeholders and groups to engage in your youth count as well as contact information on local CRCG and STAR providers to springboard your community engagement efforts.


resource paper buttonForming Youth-Adult Partnerships: An essential resource on how to form successful youth-adult partnerships with youth.



resource paper buttonBuilding a Communications Plan: A guide to help you draft and use a comprehensive communications plan to support and publicize your youth count efforts and events, including when/when not to alert the media.


Internet and Social Media Use Among Homeless Youth: A fact sheet that helps you understand when and how to use the internet and social media to interact with high-risk or homeless youth.


resource paper buttonYouth Count Texas! Logo Usage Guidelines: A simple resource with everything you need to know about proper use of the Youth Count Texas! logo.