TNOYS is now accepting sponsors and exhibitors for our 37th Annual Conference on Services to Youth and Families, coming up in June 2020. Participating in the conference as a sponsor or exhibitor provides the chance to promote your brand and services to the professionals and youth they serve from across Texas who attend the conference each year. Click here to view our full sponsor/exhibitor packet or click here to fill out an application online.


Exhibiting Your Organization at the Virtual Conference

This year’s event is being held through a virtual conference platform. The platform includes a virtual exhibit hall, which offers everything you need to engage conference attendees.

Each exhibitor will be assigned a virtual booth where they can add their logo,  pre-recorded videos, and descriptions. They can also engage attendees via live video conference, through the conference discussion board, and include giveaways/ coupons, and more.


What is a virtual exhibit hall?

The virtual exhibit hall is a page on the virtual conference platform that showcases all of the exhibitor booths. Attendees can click on a booth and have access to all the information at the booth. Exhibitors will add their logo, company description, and contact information to their booth. Exhibitors also have the opportunity to add a pre-recorded video, coupons/deals, and/or giveaways.

As an exhibitor, how do I interact with attendees?

Exhibitors have the opportunity to add a video conferencing link to their booth. Attendees can then video chat with the exhibitor through a video live stream. Attendees also have the option to instantly share their contact information with the exhibitor. Exhibitors can also visit the community boards or direct message any attendee.

How will I set up my booth?

Exhibitors will receive a link with information on how to set up their booth. TNOYS is asking all exhibitors to set up their booths by June 12th.

When should I expect attendees to visit my booth?

There are designated times during the event that exhibitors should be at their booth to interact with attendees – those times are designated in the agenda as “Exhibit Hall”. We also recommend being logged on during the long breaks scheduled as it’s possible that attendees will use some of the time to explore the exhibit hall. Attendees may visit your booth at other times, so it is a great idea to have as much information as possible at your booth, including pre-recorded videos.


Thank you to our current sponsors and exhibitors!