Training & Technical Assistance

TNOYS is committed to providing quality, affordable training for youth services professionals, to ensure they are equipped with the skills and resources to help our state’s youth lead healthy, fulfilling lives. TNOYS also provides technical assistance to support organizations in areas including program development and organizational culture change. There are three primary avenues through which professionals and organizations can access TNOYS’ training and technical assistance services:

Regularly Scheduled Trainings Open to All

TNOYS offers a slew of trainings throughout the year to better equip, inform, and support youth-serving professionals in their work. The trainings aim to keep youth-serving professionals up-to-date with the latest information, tools, and resources to support their important work.  

Annual Conference with 40+ Workshops

TNOYS’ Annual Conference on Services to Youth and Families takes place June 4-7 in Houston, Texas. The conference is TNOYS’ flagship event, bringing together youth, young adults, and professionals from throughout Texas and across systems to network, have fun, and build cutting-edge skills.

Training & Speaking Engagements By Request

In addition to our regularly scheduled training sessions, TNOYS offers training and speaking engagements by request from our training portfolio. TNOYS regularly provides ad-hoc trainings for organizational or team skill-building, conferences and special events, and other opportunities that would benefit from research-based, youth-informed training. Request a training or speaking engagement here.


Pictured above: staff at Harris County Resources for Children and Adults (HCRCA) participating in TNOYS’ Youth Thrive™ training in November 2021. 

Training Topics

Our trainings and workshops cover a wide range of topics including how to implement trauma-informed approaches, best practices to build trusting, and authentic youth-adult partnerships. Please see below for some of our most popular training topics.

  • Centering Youth Voices within Your Trauma Approach
    Learn a cross-systems approach to addressing and responding to complex trauma. Participants will leave with strategies to effectively identify and respond to trauma behaviors, create healthy youth-adult relationships, and strengthen positive outcomes for the youth they serve.
  • Resilience in Action: Building Authentic Youth-Adult Partnerships
    Discover and practice strategies on how to engage authentically with youth and create a mutually respectful, safe environment to build youth-adult partnerships.
  • Youth Thrive™ Training
    Developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), Youth Thrive™ is a research-based approach that identifies protective and promotive factors that increase the likelihood that adolescents will develop into healthy, thriving adults. The complete training is made up of 7 modules that can be presented all at once over the course of 2-3 full days, as a long-term series in 2-hour sessions, or as individual piecemeal sessions that focus on specific modules. 

A Hub of Resources

Alongside our wide range of trainings, we also are proud to offer several relevant and helpful resources to support the work of youth-serving professionals and organizations. Examples include youth homelessness resources to help better understand the unique needs of homeless young people and offer guidance on how to best serve them, valuable information and materials to support efforts in preventing Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth (CSEY) and meeting the needs of survivors, and a compilation of pertinent information on the unique needs of children and youth during emergencies and how to keep youth and families safe during natural disasters and emergencies.