Our Accomplishments

policy accomplishments

Since TNOYS was founded in 1980, we have accomplished amazing things for and with young people:

  •  We were instrumental in establishing the Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR) program. The STAR program provides a safety net for youth and families in crisis across the state of Texas. Services including family counseling and respite care are available at no cost to clients 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. The program is proven to resolve family conflict, reunite runaways safely with their families, prevent child maltreatment, and prevent juvenile delinquency. In many communities across the state of Texas, STAR is the only program through which a young person without a severe mental illness is eligible for counseling services.
  • We have successfully fought to maintain funding for crucial prevention and early intervention programs for the last 20 years. These programs include the STAR program, the Community Youth Development (CYD) program, and other crucial programs that prevent child abuse & neglect and juvenile delinquency.
  • We have been a leader in advocating for important transitional services for young people who age out of foster care.
  • We have been a leader in advocating for services and supports for young people who are homeless.
  • We have ensured for decades that young people have a voice at the Capitol and in decisions affecting services they receive, and ultimately, their lives.
  • We have successfully engaged service providers and other community members in efforts to advocate for quality youth services, essentially creating a movement of people willing to stand up for and support young people.
  • Our leadership and staff are consistently asked to serve on prestigious task forces and committees relevant to services for young people, including the Public Private Partnership for Foster Care Redesign, the Texas Interagency Council on Homelessness, and more.