PEAKS is an exciting annual event for youth who are in foster care in Texas!

PEAKS Adventure – Physical and Environmental Activities for Knowledge and Skills – is a program offered by TNOYS offering experiential learning camps for youth and adults that emphasize:

  • Building trust in self and others
  • Developing cooperation and relationship skills
  • Taking safe risks
  • Successful problem solving
  • Being creative
  • Leadership development
  • Having FUN

The PEAKS Adventure is based on the belief that through structured experiential learning and positive interaction, youth and adult participants will have the opportunity to enhance self-awareness, increase their feelings of self worth, develop relationship skills, and discover their individual strengths and limitations. This, in turn will enable them to function more successfully in their daily lives.

PEAKS Adventure programs currently include three 4-day camp programs.

Trained professionals with expertise in experiential learning, group therapy and outdoor education facilitate the PEAKS Adventure.

Who Can Participate?

PEAKS camps are designed for at-risk youth and their adult sponsors. One or two youth attend together with an adult sponsor.

A unique feature of PEAKS is the training/learning experience for the adult participants (counselors or parents), as well as a learning experience for youth. All participants will walk away with new ideas, activities and communication skills. Continuing education credit (CEU’s) are available to staff that attend.

For more information, contact our program coordinator Elizabeth Flint at

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