Young Adult Leadership Council

TNOYS is excited to establish a Young Adult Leadership Council (YALC) to engage youth and young adult leaders from our member organizations across Texas. YALC members will help guide TNOYS’ work and influence the direction of youth services in Texas, through both policy and practice. YALC members are young adults between the ages of 18 to 25 who have experience with foster care, homelessness, juvenile justice system involvement, or other at-risk situations, and who have a demonstrated interest in or potential for leadership or advocacy.

Empowerment and supportive relationships are two key factors that research demonstrates foster resilience in youth who have experienced abuse and other trauma. YALC members will gain tangible skills for self-advocacy and for leadership in their communities. The YALC will also put youth/adult partnerships and youth voice into action at TNOYS and help to build state systems that facilitate youth/adult partnerships and value youth voice.

Each TNOYS member organization is eligible to nominate one young adult client (or former client) to participate on the YALC. The TNOYS member organization must agree to provide mentorship and moral support for the young adult’s YALC participation.

YALC meetings will take place virtually and in person. TNOYS will reimburse all travel expenses associated with YALC participation and also offer competitive compensation for YALC members who contract with TNOYS to present at conferences, serve as co-trainers or providers of technical assistance, testify at legislative hearings, and more. 

YALC applications are currently closed. Please contact Lyric Wardlow at with questions about how to get involved.