Advocacy Toolkit

When crafting policy that impacts youth and families, it is critical that lawmakers incorporate the input of the youth and families themselves, as well as providers who work with them. That’s why TNOYS creates opportunities for our member organizations and the young people they serve to make their voices heard during the lawmaking process. 

The tools below can help guide these advocacy efforts:

5 Advocacy Rules: This document provides guidance on how best to convey your message and persuade lawmakers to adopt your recommendations

Pointers for Giving Legislative Testimony: For those who may be asked to testify in front of the Legislature, these pointers provide advice on how to best present yourself and your information

Sample Meeting Agenda and Worksheet: This worksheet will help you prepare for a meeting with a legislator, and includes sample talking points and a worksheet you can use to craft your meeting agenda

Sample Meeting Request Form: This document provides a template for requesting a meeting with a lawmaker