TNOYS Shelter Task Force

One of the many benefits that TNOYS offers our members is the opportunity to participate on the Emergency Shelter Task Force. The task force is comprised of representatives from shelters across the state, TNOYS staff, and the TNOYS Executive Director. Some of the issues the task force tackles include the following:

  • How can shelters work together to meet the demand for their services despite limited funding for serving runaways and other unaccompanied youth?
  • How can shelters balance providing a home-like environment and sense 0f normalcy for their clients with meeting state licensing requirements, especially around the issue of safety?
  • What are potential threats and opportunities for shelters, in regard to funding, given the changing youth services landscape in Texas and beyond?

TNOYS works closely in partnership with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and the federal Administration for Children and Families to address these challenges and advocate for the needs of shelters and the young people they serve. We also advocate at the State Capitol for funding for shelters that provide respite care through the Services to At-Risk Youth (“STAR”) program. Additionally, we partner with the Texas Alliance for Child and Family Services to advocate for increased reimbursement rates for shelters that serve young people who are in foster care.