Youth Engagement Fund


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TNOYS is excited to share our latest initiative to further our long-standing commitment to working in partnership with young people. We have established a fund that is set apart from our agency budget in order to support the engagement of youth in our work. When donors make a contribution to TNOYS specifically for “youth engagement,” the funds will be used directly to compensate youth for sharing their time, talent, and gifts with our organization and those we serve.

The Youth Engagement Fund will offer us opportunities to compensate youth, via stipends, for partnering with TNOYS in various capacities, including but not limited to serving on governmental and agency committees; testifying on legislation at the State Capitol; introducing speakers at the TNOYS annual conference; and serving in other important roles at TNOYS events. Funds from the Youth Engagement Fund will not be used for any purposes other than compensating young people for their time and contributions directly. As this initiative grows, we will leverage your donations through grants from foundations that support youth empowerment.

Please direct any questions about the Youth Engagement Fund to

Visit our donate page to contribute to the Youth Engagement Fund and help us spread the word!