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  • Austin American-Statesman

    Commentary: Texas must address homelessness to end human trafficking

    Gov. Greg Abbott took another strong stand in his fight against human trafficking this month when he declared January Human Trafficking Prevention Month, calling on all Texans to learn more about what they can do to help end the problem.

  • TribTalk

    It’s time to address the “invisible” problem of youth homelessness

    Last month, our organizations — Texas Appleseed and Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS) — released the most comprehensive study to date of youth homelessness in Texas. The study revealed that youth homelessness is a serious problem in Texas, affecting urban and rural communities alike.

  • Texas Tribune

    Texas’ homeless youth slip through cracks of disjointed support system, new report says

    Homeless youth in Texas like Kemp are inadequately supported due to a spotty system of programs and resources, according to a new report released Wednesday by Texas Appleseed and Texas Network of Youth Services.

  • Texas Tribune

    Study: The needs of homeless and runaway youth in Texas going unmet

    The needs of homeless and runaway youth in Texas are not being adequately addressed in the Lone Star State, a study by two advocacy groups has found. The study, conducted by Texas Appleseed and Texas Network of Youth Service, which focus on social justice and children's rights, examined the root causes of youth homelessness, the myriad negative consequences that flow from it and possible solutions.

  • Texas Observer

    Homelessness in Texas Public Schools is a Suburban and Rural Problem, Too

    Gage Kemp was 16 when he and his father were evicted from their home in Allen, a suburb of Dallas, and had to move into a motel. Kemp’s father, who struggled with alcoholism, urged him to drop out of high school and get a job to help pay the bills. Kemp was one of more than 100,000 homeless students attending Texas public schools, and therefore was eligible for assistance in getting transportation to and from class, buying supplies and clothes, and other services.