Youth Partners

We do all of our work to improve, support, and protect critical youth services in partnership with young people, as they are experts when it comes to understanding their circumstances and identifying the resources, support, and opportunities they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We would like to thank our Youth Partners for selflessly devoting time and energy to guide us in our work.


Alex, Austin, TX

Bernice, Austin, TX

Brianna, Killeen, TX

Carson, Austin, TX

Cheyenne, Austin, TX

Chris, Austin, TX

David, Austin, TX

Felipe, Austin, TX

Jalisa, Houston, TX

Jan Morgan, Austin, TX

Javier, Austin, TX

Jessica, San Antonio, TX

Jesus, Austin, TX

Jose, El Paso, TX

Kaneasha, Austin, TX

Karris, Houston, TX

Legion, Fort Worth, TX

Michael, Houston, TX

Pete, Austin, TX

Rosie, El Paso, TX

Scotty, Dallas, TX

Tonnika, San Antonio, TX