Our Priorities



We use our unique comprehensive systems change approach to focus in on seven key value areas that research indicates are key to achieving our vision of a healthy future for Texas.

  1. Prevent problems before they start by investing in proven Prevention and Early Intervention programs that help keep youth safely at home with their parents.
  2. Address challenging adolescent behaviors appropriately, based on research about adolescent brain development, to get to the root of the problem and prevent recurrence.
  3. Provide safe, nurturing living arrangements for young people who cannot remain at home with their parents.
  4. Offer services and supports for young adults who are homeless and on their own.
  5. Ensure that services for youth are trauma informed and do not inadvertently re-traumatize clients with histories of abuse or neglect.
  6. Support young people in challenging situations through the transition to adulthood.
  7. Promote Positive Youth Development and strengths-based principles, and work in partnership with youth.