Professional and Program Development

iStock_000005366886_LargeFor 25 years, Texas Network of Youth Services has been synonymous with quality education and support for youth service organizations.

We provide fee-for-service training and technical assistance to youth service organizations across the country through our XL Institute. TNOYS members receive discounts on these services. In addition, we have the opportunity to provide certain free services for selected organizations through special grant-funded projects. For example, please see “Creating a Culture of Care” for more information about our work to support residential treatment centers in reducing the use of seclusion and restraints.

TNOYS training and consulting staff use a competency-based, strengths-oriented approach including by facilitating discovery of what participants are already doing well, and exploring ways to do more of what works to increase effectiveness. Our methods are based on social learning theory and adult education methods that amplify competencies and maximize learning. The format we use (present, practice, discuss) encourages active engagement, ensures understanding, and connects to participants’ pre-workshop repertoire in ways that ensure post-workshop success.

More information on services available through our XL Institute is available here. To inquire about services, please call TNOYS at (512) 315-3299 or email Sondra Lehmann at


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