Young Adult Leadership Council

TNOYS established the Young Adult Leadership Council (YALC) to engage youth and young adult leaders from across Texas. YALC members help guide TNOYS’ work and influence the direction of youth services across the state.

In 2020, TNOYS relaunched the YALC as a leadership development program, with the first cohort of the reimagined YALC kicking off in January 2021. YALC members are young adults between the ages of 16 to 25 who have experience with foster care, homelessness, or other systems-involvement, and who have a demonstrated interest in or potential for leadership and advocacy. Learn more about the current YALC cohort here.

Opportunities for leadership and supportive relationships are two key factors that research demonstrates foster resilience in youth who have experienced abuse and other trauma. YALC members gain tangible skills for self-advocacy and leadership in their communities through activities such as co-hosting trainings, storytelling, and testifying at legislative hearings.