CYD Teen Summit

The goal of the CYD program is to prevent juvenile delinquency by funding local programs that increase youth protective factors associated with juvenile delinquency. The CYD program operates in 15 ZIP codes in Texas and any youth who lives in or attends middle or high school in one of the designated ZIP codes is eligible to participate. Services provided in each of the 15 ZIP codes are customized to address the specific needs of the community as they relate to juvenile delinquency prevention.


The CYD Teen Summit is an annual 3-day, 2-night event held for select participants of the DFPS CYD program with a goal of developing leadership skills and attitudes as well as providing youth with an avenue to solve problems relevant to their communities rather than have solutions imposed on them without input. The CYD Teen Summit MUST address each of the following six broad training topics: Communication, Teamwork, Personal Identity, Project Management, Professionalism and Cultural Competency. Community Youth Development services and events are funded by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Who Will Attend—The CYD Teen Summit is attended by 90 youth in middle or high school ages 12- 17 with an emphasis on 13- 16 year olds, and 30 adults who serve as chaperones and partners in learning. Attendees are a part of their community’s local Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). Six youth and two adult chaperones attend from each of the 15 ZIP codes. TNOYS and DFPS staff are also present during the Teen Summit.