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TNOYS Executive Director Joins NN4Y Board of Directors

TNOYS and our members are proud to have led many statewide efforts here in Texas to combat youth homelessness, from conducting the Youth Count! Texas survey to launching Texas’ Statewide Workgroup for Youth Homelessness. But it’s critical that we are also plugged in to efforts at the national level, to ensure that we stay abreast… Read more »

Professionals and Youth Collaborate at First Statewide Workgroup for Youth Homelessness

The new Statewide Workgroup on Youth Homelessness kicked off its first meeting on October 4, providing a space for state agencies, statewide organizations, and local entities to collaborate on efforts to strengthen services and supports for Texas’ homeless youth. Although the Texas Interagency Council for the Homeless addresses the issue of homelessness broadly, there has… Read more »

BCFS System Commits to $25K Gift for 2019 PEAKS Camp, Encourages Others to Help

For more than 30 years, TNOYS has hosted PEAKS Camp – a therapeutic, experiential camp for youth in foster care. PEAKS is one of TNOYS’ longest-running and most successful programs, during which licensed professionals regularly take paid time off to volunteer with and enrich the lives of the youth who attend. The week-long camp experience helps… Read more »

Four Key Youth Engagement Lessons from TNOYS’ Recovery Through Participation Initiative

Research shows that when youth have a voice in decisions that impact their lives, it contributes to their own future success and strengthens the systems that serve them — particularly in the case of those who are recovering from trauma. But for service providers, finding ways to authentically engage youth isn’t always easy. Guided by… Read more »

How the YES Waiver is Enhancing Youth Access to Mental Health Services — And How It Can Be Improved

By Dr. Katherine Byers, TNOYS Director of Child Welfare Policy The absence of community based mental health care results in those who need treatment ending up instead in hospitals, on the streets, and in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. To help address this problem, Texas applied for and received the Youth Empowerment Services… Read more »

Member Spotlight: THRU Project

THRU Project, TNOYS’ newest member organization, was created after CEO Elaine Andries Hartle saw personally the lack of mentorship available to youth aging out of foster care to help them navigate the realities of adult life. “In my efforts to help my own teenage foster sons I learned about the resources available to them and… Read more »