Sneak Peek: Workshops at TNOYS’ 40th Annual Conference to Help Your Skills Shine Bright!


Wondering how TNOYS’ 40th Annual Conference on Services to Youth and Families will help strengthen your skills? We’re excited to announce that the digital program is live! Get the details on the 50+ workshops at this year’s event. Stay tuned, and the final program will be available soon.

Don’t forget: up to 25 CEUs are available when you register for the in-person conference, virtual day, and a pre-conference institute. Register here by May 1 to secure the early bird registration price.

Attend a Pre-Conference Institute

Pre-Conference Institutes are full-day (4-6 hours) training sessions on an in-depth clinical skill or evidence-based tool or approach. Choose one of this year’s options, which take place Tuesday, June 13 at Hilton Houston North. Please note: Space is limited for all Pre-Conference Institutes, and separate registration is required. Use the conference registration form to sign up for pre-conference institutes.

Is Compassion Really Fatiguing? Going Beyond Self-Care (6 CEUs)

Roy Van Tassell, Director Trauma and Evidence-Based Interventions at Centene

In this workshop, participants will learn about the concept of compassion fatigue and explore strategies for addressing it. The presenter will discuss how compassion fatigue can affect individuals who work in helping professions, and will provide insights on how to cultivate resilience and well-being.

Introduction to Youth Thrive™ (5 CEUs)

Sedoo Ijir, Program Manager at TNOYS; Kennedy Quintanilla, Partnerships Coordinator at TNOYS

This workshop provides an introduction to the Youth Thrive™ framework, which is designed to support the healthy development and well-being of young people. Participants will learn about the five protective and promotive factors that contribute to thriving youth, and will explore practical applications of the framework.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation-Identification Tool (CSE-IT) User Training (4 CEUs)

Ann-Charlotte Proffitt, Director of Practice at TNOYS; Alex Polk, Program Coordinator at TNOYS

This training is designed for individuals who work with youth and young adults who may be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. Participants will learn how to use the Commercial Sexual Exploitation-Identification Tool (CSE-IT) to identify individuals who may be at risk, and will receive guidance on how to connect them with appropriate resources and services.

Choose from 50+ Workshops Available During the Conference Virtual Day (May 18) and the In-Person Event (June 14-16)

This year’s conference has something for everyone who works with systems-impacted youth and young adults. The conference virtual day features 12 workshop options, 8 of which are not available during in-person programming. The in-person event features over 40 workshops across seven topic tracks. Check out highlights from the digital program preview:

Intersection of Substance Abuse and Human Trafficking

Siobhan Cook, CARES Drop-In Manager, SAFE Alliance

This workshop will explore the intersection of substance abuse and human trafficking, and the challenges faced by individuals who are impacted by both issues. Participants will learn about risk factors and warning signs, and will discuss strategies for providing effective support and treatment to individuals who have experienced both substance abuse and human trafficking.

Making Measurements Meaningful: A Participatory and Equity-Focused Approach to Outcome Measurement

Liz Schoenfeld, Chief Research & Evaluation Officer, LifeWorks; Krystan Farnish, Research Analyst, LifeWorks

This workshop will focus on strategies for measuring the impact of youth programs and services in a meaningful way. Participants will learn about best practices for collecting and analyzing data, and will explore how to use data to make informed decisions and improve program outcomes.

Neuroscience of Adolescent Addiction Meets Positive Psychology

Drew Dutton, President & CEO, Phoenix Houses

In this workshop, participants will learn about the neuroscience of addiction in adolescents. The presenter will discuss how the adolescent brain is impacted by substance abuse, and will provide insights on how to support youth who are struggling with addiction.

Credible Messengers: Connecting with Youth Through Transformative Mentoring

Charles Rotramel, CEO, Houston: reVision; Carlos Hernandez, Houston: reVision

This workshop will explore the concept of credible messengers and their role in mentoring youth who have experienced trauma. Participants will learn about the qualities of effective credible messengers, and will discuss strategies for building trusting relationships with youth.

Building Bridges for Transitional Youth: Out of Foster Care and Into Adulthood

Courtney Laverty, CEO, Thru Project; Chris Lopez, Director of Programs, Thru Project; Alyssa Bafidis, Thru Project; Alexis Lara Community Outreach & Development Manager, Thru Project

This workshop will focus on the challenges faced by young people who are transitioning out of foster care and into adulthood. Participants will learn about strategies for providing support and resources to help these youth achieve success in their adult lives.

Understanding the Intersection of Juvenile Justice and Youth Homelessness

Martin Martinez, Texas Appleseed; Gabrielle McDonald, Pro Bono & New Projects Director; Texas Appleseed

In this workshop, participants will explore the intersection of the juvenile justice system and youth homelessness. The presenter will discuss the challenges faced by youth who are impacted by both issues, and will provide insights on how to provide effective support and resources to these youth.

Strategies to Re-Engage Opportunity Youth in Education and Workforce Across Texas

Fedora Galasso, Chief Executive Officer, TNOYS; Kennedy Quintanilla, Partnerships Coordinator, TNOYS

This workshop will focus on strategies for re-engaging opportunity youth in education and the workforce. Participants will learn about effective practices for identifying and supporting opportunity youth, and will discuss strategies for building partnerships across Texas to improve outcomes for these youth.

ASCENDing Over Obstacles: Developing and Impactful Program to Support McKinney-Vento Students

Julie Engelking, At-Risk Coordinator, Brazos Independent School District; Melissa Soto, McKinney Vento Program Specialist, Brazos Independent School District

This workshop will showcase an impactful program designed to support McKinney-Vento students in Brazosport ISD. Participants will learn about the challenges faced by these students, and will explore how the program has been successful in improving outcomes for McKinney-Vento students in the district.

Understanding Risk Factors for LGBTQ+ Youth

MaDonna Land, Program Director, Tony’s Place; Alyssa Kelly, Program Assistant, Tony’s Place

In this workshop, participants will learn about the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth, and will explore risk factors that can impact their well-being. The presenter will discuss effective strategies for supporting LGBTQ+ youth, and will provide insights on how to create safe and inclusive spaces for these youth.

We Are Vaxxed TX: Collaborating with Young People to Build COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence

Mary Bergeron, Director of Communications, TNOYS; Jo Truong, Communications Coordinator, TNOYS

COVID-19 is less visible in the news lately, but the virus is still having an outsized impact for many young people affected by homelessness, child welfare involvement, and other systems. Learn how TNOYS engaged young people to better understand vaccine hesitancy and barriers to access. Attendees will hear about effective communication techniques that both young people and providers can use to talk about sensitive topics, as well as youth-friendly resources to build vaccine confidence and health equity.

Youth Participation at Conference

TNOYS’ Annual Conference has long been a model for youth-adult partnership in action. We invite systems-impacted youth and young adults (YYA) to attend! The conference offers a range of YYA-only opportunities to have fun, build skills, and join in solving community problems. Check out the conference program preview to learn about this year’s “youth track” of YYA-only workshops, as well as multiple youth speakers and presenters.

If your organization works with YYA, we encourage you to register them for the conference! Youth registration is just $50 includes access to both the virtual day and in-person conference. Register using the annual conference form.

Register Today

Secure your spot! Early bird pricing ends Monday, May 1.

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