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Texas’ Seclusion & Restraint Reduction Leadership Group is a statewide forum for networking, advocacy, and learning. In existence since 2007, the Leadership Group includes representatives from mental health residential settings for youth and adults, consumer and peer support representatives, and other stakeholders. Participants are working to reduce the use of emergency behavioral interventions such as seclusion and restraint and to create a treatment culture that makes use of trauma-informed care practices.

Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS) is pleased to be coordinating this group and plans to build upon its strong history of steering restraint and seclusion reduction efforts across the state by supporting changes in organizational culture and legislative policy. Next steps for the Leadership Group include forming interest area committees to focus efforts in areas such as policy and advocacy; facilitating site visits and encouraging mentorship; hosting a symposium to share best practices; and creating self-evaluation tools to assist facilities in tracking their use of seclusion and restraint. TNOYS is excited to continue the Leadership Group’s important work to improve the care of the individuals in our communities who live in residential treatment settings.

The Leadership Group offers opportunities to support or initiate projects related to: public policy, data, best practices in organizational change, education/training, and outreach. Please contact Lara and team at with questions or to get involved.


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