Aug. 28 TNOYS Response to Hurricane Harvey



On August 28, the TNOYS Executive Director sent the following email to TNOYS members and stakeholders regarding Hurricane Harvey:

To TNOYS members and our partners in the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey and the resulting floods:

Thank you for working hard to keep your youth safe and serve Texans who have been displaced. Our thoughts are with you, and we are ready to support you however we can.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if our network can be of help to you during this difficult time. We have a strong community of members with the potential to provide guidance, shelter, and other types of support. You can reach me directly by phone at (512) 693-8286 to discuss your needs and determine what resources we may be able to identify for you.
Again, all who are impacted by this disaster are in our thoughts. Please reach out if we can be of help now or in the coming weeks and months.

Christine Gendron
TNOYS Executive Director

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