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2021 TEHCY Program Summit – Sneak Peek

We at TNOYS along with TEA are finalizing details of the 2021 TEHCY Program Summit, and we’re excited to share a sneak peek of some of the amazing workshops and speakers we have lined up! Held on August 3rd & 5th, the TEHCY Program Summit empowers Texas’ education professionals to understand the needs of students experiencing homelessness and… Read more »

TNOYS’ 38th Annual Conference Reminds Youth and Professionals That They Are “Rooted In Power”

In June, TNOYS’ 38th Annual Conference on Services to Youth and Families virtually convened more than 500 youth and family services stakeholders from across Texas. The Annual Conference once again provided the opportunity to re-energize while exploring relevant issues that impact Texas’ youth and families. We at TNOYS know how COVID-19 has impacted youth and… Read more »