Making Moves to Better Help Homeless Youth in Texas

“When I was eighteen-years-old, I was living under a bridge.” No youth should ever have to say these words. Unfortunately, the stats reveal that a startling number of youth in the U.S. experience homelessness: In 2014, 194,302 children and youth were reported homeless last year on a given night in the U.S. More than one… Read more »

Resources on Understanding Youth Rights

In early November, TNOYS organized and hosted a training to help providers and advocates better understand the rights of homeless youth. Approximately 40 people from state agencies, school districts, and youth services providers attended the half-day workshop, “Understanding Youth Rights: Helping providers navigate laws and policies affecting unaccompanied homeless youth.” Attorneys and program directors who… Read more »

New TNOYS Resources on Youth Experiencing Homelessness

TNOYS is excited to share new resources with everyone in our network as part of our cutting-edge work for the Youth Count Texas! initiative. In October, we launched a toolkit to communities across Texas to help them prepare for their youth counts. Today, we are sharing it with our whole network — we think that… Read more »

Coordinating Experts and Expertise for Youth Count Texas!

No one knows just how many youth are homeless in Texas or in the United States. In 2014, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimated that there were nearly 200,000 children and youth experiencing homelessness on a given night. The U.S. Department of Justice estimated an even more staggering number in 2002 —… Read more »

New Resources from our Creating a Culture of Care Initiative

Creating a Culture of Care was a statewide initiative to help licensed residential treatment centers (RTCs) in Texas reduce the use of seclusion and restraint while creating stronger programs for youth and staff. RTCs typically serve youth with serious mental health and behavioral challenges as well as histories of abuse and neglect. Restraint and seclusion… Read more »

Aging Out of Foster Care – A Leap of Faith

By: April Ferrino, Senior Policy and Evaluation Specialist Where will a youth who is aging out of foster care system land? Too many don’t have a safety net (e.g. housing, employment, education plans, or access to medical care) and may become homeless. This outcome is not unique to the US, as shown in the article below about… Read more »

New Area Announced for Foster Care Redesign

Announcement from the Department of Family and Protective Services: The next area to benefit from Foster Care Redesign will be DFPS Region 2, which includes 30 counties in Northwest Texas. DFPS will release a Request for Proposals no earlier than December 2015. Foster Care Redesign changes the way that Texas provides and pays for foster… Read more »

Legislative Update for the Interim

Blazing a New Trail in Health and Human Services State health officials started forging a new trail in how health and human services will be organized and delivered in Texas. September 1 marked the beginning of a new state fiscal year and the day new legislative mandates took effect. As you may remember, during the… Read more »

Join us for these upcoming FREE events!

We have a packed calendar of events in the next few months. Check out all the details below for these free events: Friday, September 18, 2015 A Primer in Trauma-Informed Care to Prevent Restraint and Seclusion Round Rock, Texas Join us for a special training opportunity especially for shelters that serve adults or youth. This… Read more »