Building A Community Together at Our Spring Membership Meeting


TNOYS had our Spring Membership Meeting on February 11, 2016 with over 50 attendees representing 30 organizations. The event gave our members the opportunity to network with one another and participate in informative discussions and trainings that strengthened our shared vision to help young people lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

The morning started off with a shift-and-share activity where participants could explore different angles on incorporating trauma-informed care. Below are a couple of photos from the session:

Meeting Photo 1 Meeting Photo 2

To further educate members on trauma-informed care, Jack Nowicki, our Senior Program Development Specialist, gave a presentation entitled, “Wise Crowds: Using Trauma-Informed Care in ‘Tough Situations.’”

We were honored to have Commissioner John J. Specia, Jr. provide a Department of Family and Protective Services update. Members were also able to hear updates about the work TNOYS is doing from our Executive Director, Christine Gendron.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the day such an exciting success. Events like these are a great reminder of the crucial work our members are doing and the community we are building together to help offer quality services and supports for young people in Texas.

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