The Cove – Heart of Texas

The Cove – Heart of Texas
Program Name
The Cove - Heart of Texas
Program Description

For the summer from June 14th - August 12th, The Cove offers a safe environment Monday through Thursday, 10am – 4pm, and Friday by appointment, for students to access showers, mental healthcare, case management, a family-style dinner, healthy snacks, an optional workout program, washer/dryer, tutoring services, educational programming through community partners, and WISD “seat time.” Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs identifies five basic human needs that, when met in sequence and in the proper course of human development, lead to the ability to actualize one’s full potential. These basic human needs are food, water, warmth, rest, and safety.

In the 2020-2021 academic school year, The Cove served 57 youth that were experiencing homelessness with 523 student visits, providing 680 meals, and 832 rides. As of June 11th, in 2021 alone, The Cove has paid for 332 nights of emergency housing in hotels for 19 different young people.

During this season of COVID-19, many students have fallen through the cracks and The Cove is constantly looking to engage those students. Now, more than ever, finding and supporting high-school aged youth to attend school (virtually or in-person) is crucial. In an effort to find high-school aged youth that may need our services at this time, our Youth Services team are engaging with homeless liaisons within the school districts we serve.

Phone Number
(254) 224-6095
524 W. Waco Dr Suite B, Waco, TX 76701