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With the start of our new fiscal year, TNOYS looks forward to new collaborations alongside our network of over 100 organizations and individual advocates. We are proud to represent and collaborate with a range of organizations working in every Texas region across TNOYS’ seven system areas: child welfare, housing and homelessness services, victim and survivor services, health and behavioral health, justice, education, and higher education/ workforce.

Check out our Member Directory for descriptions of the services these providers offer and an interactive map of current TNOYS members. Here is a snapshot of our geographical impact:

TNOYS offers two types of membership options: individual membership and organizational membership. If you are looking to grow your impact as an advocate for Texas youth and families, we invite you to join us!Read on to learn more about the benefits of being a TNOYS member. If you are already a member of TNOYS and want to renew for the new fiscal year, please email us at

TNOYS reached many exciting milestones this year with member support. In partnership with our members, TNOYS worked to:

  • Stand up for youth and providers at the Texas Capitol. During the 87th Legislative Session, TNOYS collaborated with legislators, members, and youth leaders to successfully help pass critical policies that impact youth. This includes support for youth transitioning to adulthood, funding for prevention and early intervention, and more.
  • Connect members and partners with 250+ hours of professional development throughout the year. TNOYS equipped members with cutting-edge skills through training and workshops throughout the year, including at our 38th Annual Conference on Services to Youth and Families and the Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth (TEHCY) Program Summit.
  • Build capacity and foster valuable connections. Through our participation in regional and statewide workgroups, TNOYS is on the cutting-edge of efforts to build capacity across a range of youth-serving systems. Our close partnership with the Texas Education Agency gives us the unique ability to foster connections between school staff and community-based organizations.
  • Amplify the voices of youth and young adults. TNOYS launched new programs this year to give youth and young adult partners the opportunity to transform systems. This month kicks off our next Young Adult Leadership Council cohort and our new AmeriCorps program, which are both paid opportunities for youth with lived experiences.

Join as a Member Organization

TNOYS’ member network includes nearly 70 organizations working in youth services across every Texas region. Our members offer Family and Youth Success (FAYS) programs, emergency housing and shelter, transitional housing, and many other services to support youth and young adults ages 16 to 25.

Joining as an organization ensures you and your staff have access to member benefits like:

  • Member discounts for all staff to TNOYS events, trainings and conferences including CEU certificates for eligible staff,
  • The ability to directly shape TNOYS’ legislative agenda,
  • Subscriptions to members-only newsletters, featuring funding opportunities, policy news, and invitations to members-only events,
  • Recognition on the TNOYS website and various newsletters, as well as the ability to post job announcements on TNOYS’ website,
  • Opportunities to connect with youth services professionals and agencies across systems,
  • Invitations for all staff to regular member meetings,
  • Eligibility to participate in TNOYS’ Member Leadership Council,
  • Eligibility to participate in TNOYS’ Board of Directors,
  • Discounts on partner products and services,
  • And much more!

If your organization is interested in joining TNOYS’ membership program, please fill out our New Organization Member Application Form and we will get back to you quickly! We’d love to set up a quick call soon to discuss how TNOYS membership can uniquely benefit your organization. If you have any questions or you’re a current member and you’d like to get your renewal started, please email

Join as an Individual

We also take pride in working with a robust network of 40+ Individual Members across all 7 systems and throughout the state. Joining as an individual is a great way to advance your professional development and expand your network of youth services connections. If organizational membership isn’t right for you, or you just want to take your support of TNOYS one step further – Individual Membership is the perfect way to join!
Joining as an individual ensures you have access to member benefits like:

  • Member discounts to TNOYS events, trainings and conferences including CEU certificates for eligible individuals,
  • Invitations to regular member meetings,
  • The ability to directly shape TNOYS’ legislative agenda,
  • Opportunities to connect with youth services professionals and agencies across systems,
  • And much more!

If you are interested in joining as a TNOYS Individual Member, please fill out the Individual Membership Form. Dues are just $50 for the 2022 fiscal year and you’ll be able to make payment and sign up for newsletters there! If you’re a current Individual Member and you’d like to renew, please email

New Member Benefits for the Fiscal New Year

TNOYS was thrilled to support many new and longstanding member organizations throughout the past year’s challenges and opportunities, all while continuing to provide top-notch benefits, trainings, and networking opportunities. 

Tessa Ammons, our new Outreach Manager, will be serving as our dedicated support for TNOYS members. You’ll hear her voice on the phone, see her name on the bottom of emails, and know exactly who to reach out to if you have questions or concerns. Tessa brings with her years of experience in juvenile justice, education, and project management as well as lived experience in many systems we serve. She looks forward to working with you and investing in the TNOYS membership program.  

Looking ahead to 2022, TNOYS has many new benefits in store for members. Our team will be expanding membership benefits to help organizations build capacity and influence change at the Capitol. We are also so excited to be building a virtual members-only portal that will allow for more connection, networking, information sharing, and more. TNOYS is also rolling out more listening sessions, trainings, and opportunities to build partnerships with youth leaders over the coming year.

The TNOYS team wants to thank all of our incredible member organizations and individuals for their support of our mission. If you’d like to grow your impact and get involved as a member with TNOYS, please reach out to us!

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